What You Need To Know About Gutters

Rain gutters are small but vital components of your home’s roofing system protecting the infrastructure of your home. Gutters are typically troughs which collect rainwater running down your roof and channel it to downspouts which will direct the rainwater to the ground away from the foundation and landscaping. Your gutters also play an important role in protecting your siding, windows, doors, and your home’s structure.

In the course of collecting rainwater, gutters often gather pine needles, leaves, and other debris causing blockages throughout the gutter system or the downspouts. In dry seasons, clogged gutters can be a fire hazard, and during heavy rains, blocked gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and damage your home’s structure, basement, and landscaping. This is why it’s critical to have a professional gutter specialist install, repair, and maintain your gutters.

The Purpose of Having Gutters on Your Home

If your home has a basement, gutters are a must to keep water out. You don’t want your home to flood every time it rains heavily! Also, how your yard slopes to allow water to drain away from your home’s foundation will determine how your gutters should be installed. Gutters also help to better control the flow of water around your yard, preventing standing water.

Generally, gutters last about 25 – 30 years, but with proper maintenance, gutter systems can last longer than this. Maintaining your gutters is fairly straightforward. You simply need to have any debris cleaned out by a professional, this is if you didn’t install a gutter protection system. Look for signs of gutters not draining properly or icicles or water dripping over the sides. If you notice any damage, have a professional repair any holes as soon as possible.

Hazards of Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters may not cause immediate problems to your home, but before long, evidence of the damage will surface. Here are some of the biggest dangers of clogged gutters:

  • Mold and mildew growth: If any part of your home is made of wood, rainwater which is not properly guided away by gutters can damage them quickly. Water can seep into parts of the foundation and interior, triggering mold and mildew growth.
  • Insect issues: Many pests are attracted by moisture, especially mosquitoes. Clogged gutter systems provide a perfect environment for them to nest and breed in. Damp areas can also attract termites and carpenter ants which can feast on the structure of your home.
  • Slippage: Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and freeze on the ground below, posing an injury hazard on your driveway or walkways.

Where to Install Gutters On Your House

Gutters should be installed on the sloping sides of your roof – not necessarily all the way around. Unless your roof slopes in all directions, you don’t need to have your entire roof surrounded with gutters. For example, if your roof slopes in two directions—toward the front and back of your house—with a peak in the middle, you don’t need to install gutters on the sides of your home. Simply install them in the front and back of the house. It’s because your roof is already designed to direct water down the slopes, where the rain gutters will then do their work.

Recommended Gutter Sizes

Rain gutters are designed to hold different water loads. The two common gutters sizes are 5 and 6-inch gutters. For residential homes, seamless 5-inch gutters are ideal in terms of appearance and performance. You can choose between two sizes for gutter material thickness: the standard .027″ gauge and the heavy-duty .032″ gauge.  Reputable contractors will only use the heavy .032″ gauge aluminum because it’s stronger and will hold up much longer.

Today, 6-inch seamless gutters have become quite popular because homeowners are realizing the importance of efficient gutter systems. These gutter sizes are ideal for homes with large surface area roofs. They are larger in appearance and hold more water.

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